Finding your user ID, game and network versions are significant in terms of both detecting and identifying the problems you are facing in game and understanding the issues.

What is a user ID?

User IDs are basically your account identification code with 16 digits and they are generated uniquely for each account.
You are also using a nickname to identify your account as well but your nickname is a dynamic structure while your ID remains static and cannot be changed. That is why it is better to do all the processes with your user ID.

Can other players see my user ID?

No, they cannot see your user ID unless you share it with them.

What is game/ network version?

Your game/network version, as you can understand from its name, displays which update you have received from us and installed on your device.
In order to play with your friends, you have to be in the same network version. If there is a difference between your version and your friends' version, you will not be able to play together.

How can I find my user ID, game and network versions?

It is really easy to find your user ID, game and network versions. Let's do the following steps:
1. Tap on ⚙️ icon on the upper-left side of your screen.
2. Go to USER ACCOUNT tab over there.
3. You will see your user ID, game and network versions on the bottom left side of your screen. Here is an example for that.
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